Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vivian Girls on Rough Trade

Looks like Rough Trade is getting onto the Vivian Girls train with a color vinyl 7" with two exclusive to this release. They are playing 9 billion shows at SXSW and then their myspace shows them touring through the Us and europe until August! That's pretty insane...I don't even think they are supporting anyone, at this point they must be headlining themselves. Well, good for them.
I just got that 12" from Troubleman Unlimited 'Live on WFMU', which I can't wait to hear, it was cool to see that they pressed it, I couldn't help myself. I think I downloaded it from WFMU earlier, but come on this will sound way better.
They keep coming up in playlists and I'm still enjoying the full length. I still feel like there is more life in these songs yet, I'm really curious to hear new stuff. They finished recording a new album already and to hear how their new drummer is going to change the sound. I still think it's interesting how they practically 'cast' the part. She literally looks exactly like Frankie...kind of weird. I'm sure they knew her and she's just as talented, it's a coincidence.

For the song Wild Eyes, I keep thinking they are singing 'why oh why oh why', instead of 'wild wild eyes'.

As exciting as this is, It's just too annoying to go through the check out process right now and deal with shipping and the exchange rate...sheesh what's wrong with me?

pre order this single and you will recieved a coloured vinyl version. two brand new and exclusive songs that are only available on this limited 7" on for us records (the label of rough trade shops). these two songs were recorded at the end of their last tour at studio plateaux on platts eyot island by kristian robinson from capitol k. 'moped girls' is one minute and 54 seconds of reverb drenched indie pop perfection that sounds like it should have been released in 1986 on the subway organization or 53rd and 3rd records. on the flip 'death' starts like a long lost 60's 'girls in the garage' nugget before turning into a much darker beast with reverb vocals and guitars taking the lead.

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