Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nice face preorder limited on sacred bones

Still haven't listened to Nice Face's latest hozac single yet that I ordered in their 7" pack, but saw this preorder on sacred bones and figured I better mention this before they are gone. I remember them from one of their singles.... I think the first one that was just a face, kind of a red cover, I think designed by Mike Sniper. I actually tried to find it the other day to listen to these together but couldn't. A huge reorder is way past due.
Academy actually has some of thoe cardboard 7 inch boxes for $4, I need a couple more. They started creeping into the closet's bad.
Nice face has this insanely dense distorted sound, but it's not completely blown out and all overdriven. So I wouldn't immediately lump it into kind of garage...ther are some keyboards involved and phasers on's like a little dirtier sounding pop punk. I appreciate someone who is also trying to make something interesting and catchy, not just completely experimental, and borderline work.
This track 'Situation...' sounds even more dense than previous singles, it sounds like he's pulling out all the tricks for this one. There's layers of differently recorded vocals, great chorus know I read that description about bridging the space between synth punk and pure punk...that actually makes a lot of sense. It has elements of both, but doesn't completely rely on either.
Mnemonic Device has a distorted bassline with weird keyboard melody, but the chorus again is where it goes somewhere special, it's just solid songwriting. LIke Blank Dogs, I heard he's going live and I would definitely have to see that.

Format: 7"
Catalog #: SBR-019

Side A: Mnemonic Device
B: Situation is Facing Utter Annihilation

“Mnemonic Device” b/w “Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation”

— The third single from Nice Face follows on the heels of the recent HoZac 7-inch and an appearance on the “Wild About Jenkem” compilation alongside like-minded fellow travelers Wizzard Sleeve and Livefastdie. “Mnemonic Device” is a slower plodding mid-tempo song driven by a hypnotic repeating keyboard line and fuzzed out vocals. “Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation” on the flip is the punkest Nice Face track to date bridging the gulf between disjointed no-fi punk rock and sinister synth and drum machine derangement. Keep an eye out for forthcoming live dates from this heretofore bedroom-only project.

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