Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dylan Ettinger and the Heat on Not Not Fun

Just got an email from NNF about this Dylan Ettinger single. I'm always impressed with NNF's site, the volume of releases they continue to put out and the amazing bands they consistently are exposing me to.
Dylan has his own cassette label El Tule and has been busy putting out a bunch of his work out on his own, but I think this is his first release on vinyl.
Based on his myspace, he's working in a sort of dense abstract experimentalism. Heavy on effects and making all kinds of weird sounds vocally, or maybe with samples, it's reminiscent of Ducktails live show, with less emphasis on the cool Caribbean vibe and more towards the ominous, (although those things peek in, kettle drum, windchimes). Like 'Pushin', I can hear the attraction to the harder to place sounds, creating this overall scary're lost, messed up on something and not coming down anytime soon...and that's the scariest, to lose control like's only when you give in and just let it wash in, who knows when it's going to end. Just go with it that you relax and appreciate.
I love this detailed complexity of sound. It essentially seems easy to put this together and just let the sound happen, as if you could set up the paint and watch the painting come together. This has insane potential live to be a new experience every time, and that's where this way of working really shines. The recordings are templates for an experience...the photo sadly captures a sliver of the scene.

From the great NNF, who also repressed the Vibes single, which I still have to get a copy of.

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