Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunset Rubdown picture disc on Aagoo Records

Spencer Krug is a musical Conner Oberst, he's beyond talented, it's a little off putting actually when I stop to think about it...there's no way to relate sometimes. He can't be a regular guy. He makes fun of himself onstage, it's not an act. But as many people as he's inspired top pick up a guitar, he's made as many walk down to the river and throw it in once and for all.

2 tracks here: "Insane Love Is Awakening" and "Coming To At Dawn" "written and recorded by Spencer in his house." it a true sign of talent, the best work comes god knows when in your own space, working by yourself. Now go throw away the microphones and the old tapes....the pedals, or give them away. Someone else could make way better use of them obviously.

It seems like contradictory sides of Spencer are at work here, the piano, and electric guitar, but they're both performed with the exact same intensity. Coming to at Dawn he uses the easiest way to make the piano emotional...saturate it with an echo. There's nothing like killing a puppy like the big room piano sound. It doesn't matter what you sing...guys/recording companies have known this for years, in making out or selling's a formula. You want to get an emotional response, play a piano in an empty room. It's better than a million wind machines and lightning. Now all that being said, you would think he'd never attempt to go this basic but he does and really earns it. I'll admit makes me sad just hearing it, if I start to pay attention to the lyrics here I'm going to be pushed to the side already before I turn it up again and slit wrists.

Insane Love Awakening's great to hear he's as adept on electric guitar as he is on piano. It's going to kill you, a lonely reverb twin amp in a room, someone playing pop chords...well 80's blue collar pop, and then his voice comes in with an echo no one else could pull off. He's in love with his voice, and it works. I really had to make sure I've never heard this before, it's pretty familiar lyrically, he's up to his old tricks. He's a short story novelist, how can I reconcile all this talent? What deals did he make? I don't try.

"I can only assume the answer was blue / I can only assume the answer is the breaking of an astronautical truce"

Still available from Aagoo Records...maybe because it's $10? But it's a piece of work, great picture disc, two amazing unreleased tracks...I subscribed to this 6 disc series maybe a year, more than a year ago? Come on guys finish this up!

Thanks to BleepBloing for the videos of both sides...hallelujah!

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