Monday, December 21, 2009

Hiatus Alert!....but first 2 new ones on Stumparumper Records

I'm going on a brief hiatus until the 4th, I might post a few reviews I've been working on but nothing regular until I'm back in 2010...just wanted to quickly mention these two new releases Pat just put out in time for the holidays...this amazing 4-way split with Banned Books, Granny Frost, Hoop Dreams and Fuck Montreal...

I asked these bands to come up with a Christmas song, original or otherwise, and they all delivered on a level about 6 stories higher than I had ever hoped. Banned Books kicks things off with a punk song about what might or might not happen with the snowman sitting in your front yard. Granny Frost turns up the bass fuzz for a scathing (and non-sequitur) take on the holiday season. Hoop Dreams rocks from the perspective of Joseph, step-father of Jesus, and Fuck Montreal close it out with their rendition of "Do You Hear What I Hear?". Front cover art by the enigmatic MC Nugget, back cover by the H.A.N.S.! I sincerely hope you all enjoy this - it's perfect ending to a very tumultuous and, at times, frustrating year. But we done good. Thanks bands and loyal customers! See you all in the '10s.

Plus a 7 track mini EP from Fuck Montreal...I love the stuff on their myspace, super fuzz echo-y female fronted dirty electro punk.
Both are super cheap 3.50! Go and spend that 10 bucks grandma put in your christmas card on these beauties.
See ya.

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  1. have a holly jolly christmas, 7inches.

    see you in the new year.

    take it sleazy...