Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeans Wilder / Best Coast split on Atelier Ciseaux Records

Atelier Ciseaux, which I just translated as 'Workshop Scissors', (great name) just let me know about their latest from Best Coast and Jeans Wilder this weekend...just available's a little more than usual with shipping (about 10 euros), but that's not so bad really. I don't know who is carrying this stateside, so that might be the only option. AC put out that Lucky Dragons single a little while back and have plans for a US Girls one shortly...they are really pulling out the stops working with only great bands.
Haven't heard of Jeans Wilder, but paired with Best Coast, it's got to be good. It actually sounds like he's coming from a sort of Ariel Pink place, with no-fi pseudo casio preset beats, out of place reggae rhythms with falsetto vocals singing 'your such a motherfucking t0ugh guy'...I love it. There's a weirdo sitting in his car in the mall parking lot, into classic dubstep lusting after the girl at starbucks ruining her life with some jock he goes home and writes this masterpiece. I love it.

Bethany from Pocahaunted has been indulging her pop side with Best Coast and what can I say, it's completely unexpected coming from that uber-experimental place, but I'll admit I'll probably end up putting this on more. Or let's just say sometimes my ears don't need a challenge anymore, they don't mind super delayed reverb and vocals that get lost in washed out's dreamy. She's a California surf inspired Zola Jesus...the same amazing vocal chops but she's got a more positive outlook on things. It's sunny on the boardwalk, there's no jersey shore jerk-off's fighting each other, just rides and balloons...or maybe you're just high...It's a great sound...US Girls next makes perfect sense....or the Dum Dum Girls could be in a 3 way split?
I didn't mean it like that.
We got a situation.

Atelier Ciseaux says:
We forgot what time it was. You keep on talking about a Pavement's song that crashes your heart into a wall. The stereo is murdering hit tunes by Connie Francis, Nirvana and The Beach Boys. Kissing for the first time. A twinge in the throat. Then doing it again.

Previously heard as Fantastic Magic with partner-in-crime Nathan Williams (Wavves), Andrew Caddick (Jeans Wilder) claims to be a "Tough Guy" but deep down is nothing but sensitive.

Best Coast is a long love letter to California. Written by Bethany Cosentino, once half of psychedelic/primitive duet Pocahaunted.
Ghost pop. Lo-fi surfing on asphalt wore away by the late sixties. Two tracks haunted by the summer. A tidal wave in a bathroom.

Limited pressing of only 350 copies (+ digital download) available on January 18th, 2010. Thanks again to Jérémy Perrodeau for the artwork!

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