Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tired Old Bones on Skeleton Head Records

I got an email from Dustin and his new label Skeleton Head Records, turns out I know him through my friend (and always entertaining podcast co-host) Matt Nash. He was kind enough to send me his first 7" release from Tired Old Bones. He told me he screened the sleeve's himself and they are truly amazing. 4 Color offset on heavy cardstock it has that grainy matte ink feel like nothing else.
The first thing I did was pull it out of the mylar bag and unfold it...that sad jpg above does it no justice, it's really an amazing effort for any single, I'm tempted to go find a frame, but I can't find it in myself to break up the family. The entire packaging is all out, the vinyl is marbled orange and it even comes with a printed CD with a couple of bonus tracks for good measure, labeled a la steve albini: 500 RPM. (Wiki confirms this as the inner ring speed although it varies during play....hey, if you're going to be that specific I have to check.)

Tired Old Bones is from Allston, MA and the story goes Jesse,drums and Neal, bass were looking to start a new project after Bismark and Bury the Needle and happened upon a show with Bridget playing a hammond organ, and when she sang...the rest was history. Bridget has an expressive voice that's equally strong yelling the chorus as it is laying out the verse narrative out from the echo. She's got the pipes and she knows how to use them, like Shannon and the Clams, it's bluesy, from a classically rock place. It doesn't belong in the seedy bars, or maybe it's that contrast that will work.
On 'Country Circus' when Bridget's vocals get layered it's time for the huge chorus in this slightly rockabilly rock country feel track that sways back and forth into all out windmill rock territory. The guitar has a little of that distorted cramps blues style...a menacing surf melody basted in reverb. The organ keeps pulling me back into a psychedelic classic rock sound which just confirms the variety of influenced being pulled together.

'Do Not Disturb' the B-Side is about staying in bed, something I can always relate to, built on a tom beat with a fuzzy bassline, washes of sustained reverb peeking in here and there. I keep thinking live this has to be an impressive performance if she's giving half of the effort here.
Hammering it home with the last line, exhausted....'Let me sleep'. Well, you deserve it.

My second home would be Boston if I ever decided to move away from NYC. It's a small big town in a lot of ways, the huge college presence can be really exciting and insanely annoying, everyone knows everyone else somehow and it's always seemed pretty supportive of a great music and art scene. But then I'd have to interact with people more instead of obsessively posting about singles.

Get it from Dustin at Skeleton Head or Tired Old Bones.

You can buy them from us at Tired Old Bones live shows or mail order them here. $7 each in person or $9 each post paid. Paypal is the easiest- our account is dub1127(at) - but you can also send a check or money order made out to Dustin Williams. Skeleton Head Records
95 Jamaica St. #3
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


  1. Hey that's completely awesome. It's great that Dustin is making it work, he has always been involved in art and music in so many ways, it's really cool to see this record combining all those things.

  2. Seriously, this is bad ass. I'm starting a label this year and he's doing the covers!

  3. Awesome, if you are starting a record label I want in. Our first 7" should be "Bust Nuts On Our Butt Sluts" backed with "The Ballad of Rob Van Winckle"