Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beach Fossils on Captured Tracks

Just caught this latest single from Captured Tracks on a Facebook 'news', I'm not above doing whatever it takes to find out about singles, in fact I think I first heard about Dustin in New York magazine for gods sake, although I don't know that it immediately made me want to check these guys out, I think I might have figured it could be some kind of vanity project from a friend of someone working there, or a hype machine was shoving it into inboxes everywhere and this one stuck. Oh, snap judgements.
But a single from Captured Tracks on the other hand made me finally give them a go...I'm also not above thinking I can really be a music snob sometimes. Their myspace tracks are giving me a Real Estate feel, especially this one 'Daydream', and it couldn't be more perfectly named. Laid back minimally effected guitar, heavy on the chorusy reverb boys of the beach vocals that put it in an almost shoegaze place. (whenever I hear this slow layered dream sound, it takes me back to The Ocean Blue). Tracks are built around mid tempo creative picking, and either heavily gated drums or possibly a cheap drum machine, it's a real mellow combination, the end of the night, last drink need to sit down, enough of the punk rocking.
I find myself wanting to go back to that Real Estate album a lot, and Beach Fossils would fit right into that classic sound, Real Estate just updated that whole alt-country genre with some damn catchy songs...not to sing along with, but let wash over...I guess if you put Nodzzz with Real Estate in some kind of TransChamps situation, then I think this is what you'd get, more up front vocals, the minimal catchy guitar....looking forward to catching them at The Market Hotel on the 27th and pick this up in person...finally.

"Brooklynite Dustin Payseur records dreamy, slightly fuzzed pop as Beach Fossils. Yeah, another "beach" band, but the word "fossils" rightly hints at nostalgia that goes deeper and more distant than a few summers past."


  1. sloweducation12:24 PM

    hey man, saw these guys at cake shop, i guess last week, wasnt expecting much from a live show but they really sounded good. very surprising, i find most of these lo-fi surfy types sound like shit in the beginning. even real estate the first time i saw them was majorly lacking. should be a good show. beets are really good live too.

  2. mmmm...a reference to the ocean blue. one of my all time faves!

  3. Not too ashamed to admit The Ocean Blue was the first show I ever went to with some rad older friends at the local college.