Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bobpopkillers - Yeah on Les Disques Steak

Another one from Les Disques Steak up today, this single is from the Bobpopkillers, two tracks from a recently expanding world of garage punk in France. Les Disques Steak seems to be singlehandedly documenting this movement with their recent line of singles or they just happen to be friends with a close bunch of guys borrowing each others equipment and filling bills at the last minute with side projects.

So what do they have to contribute to this pretty saturated scene? Well, it's a duo making a pretty faithful racket with just fuzz guitar and drums. There's not the usual no-fi overblown recording happening here, someone knew what they were doing with mic'ing the project, for better or worse. Blues chord punk progression, screaming narrative about being wasted.
I'm just a rocker / rocker in wasted
Maybe I'm just a fan of the translation, but that's nuts. Punk here can apparently be completely changing English sentence grammar. I'm not claiming I'm any kind of words genius...is that how you say it? But something is a little off there...in a good way. It's just a little too... clean. Compared to the B-Side where it gets trashier, bigger, with more distortion in this ode to Jagermeister. Everybody! Jagermeister! The most unpunk of alcoholic beverages first homage, I'm sure.
There are some things that just highlight the cultural differences.
Paired with the A-Side, I'm beginning to think this band has some kind of problem..where's my drink?
But then it fades out! What the fuck! You don't fade punk! Just end!

Floridas Dying has it, or go straight to the source, email disquessteak(at)gmail.com

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