Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello Sunshine on Les Disques Steak Records

Another one today from the Les Disques Steak catalog, this one from Hello Sunshine, which comes in one of 150 of the three sleeves cycling above at a seizure inducing makes it impossible to try to type...I got the 3 little girls weird dresses one. Try to stop looking at it.

The name, Hello Sunshine might lead one to believe this could be some kind of sensitive indie rock, but you would be insanely mistaken knowing LDS, and that is the case with this 4 song EP. If we learned anything it's that The Disks that are steak, want their singles loud and dirty, and Hello Sunshine is pummeling from the first kick. Screaming vocals, cavernous percussion and scratchy distortion.
'Living in a new world' is blistering, reminding me of the Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste days of Ministry, almost sampled speed guitar, but they keep switching it up, taking away the drums, the guitar re-amped through a tiny speaker for a measure, a feedback's not quite in the low-fi garage genre as it is some kind of rockabilly industrial hardcore hybrid? I think it's the vocals...which are mostly screaming, and the drums are double-timing it always.
'Flying Chariots', has a low-key opening, nice kick and strumming combo, and then they punch you in the ears again. The guitars here are just a thousand percent louder than anything else, super clean gated distortion, fairly traditional well played hardcore, from what I've heard of them, you might have them open for Fucked Up or something.

Les Disques Steak goes all out in the printing side, putting together a nice looking release every time, they have a pretty clear direction for the bands they're putting out and someone has thought out the series graphically as's not a bad thing to have this consistency. You could pretty much pick these up without hearing a note and know what you're getting into. Look for it from a local distro or get it direct, email disquessteak (at)

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