Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taco Leg - Freemasons Hall on Fan Death Records

Not quite sure how I found out about Taco Leg, but the name stuck with me for some reason, go figure, that and they are from Australia, so I'll probably never get a chance to ever see them live and figure out for myself where they are actually coming from. Being from the other side of the earth makes them kind of exotic, even though it's sounding so completely close to home. The kind of home with shitty equipment and microphones, and even shittier recorders. A home of 15 years ago, where a couple of friends in a tiny world, play music based on completely normal, reasonable influences, but end up sounding nothing like any of them, because they aren't contaminated by big pipe dreams, or a scene they want to be a part of.
It's raw, recorded in a room with one mic, like moments of Tyvek, and Los Llamaradas, pure rock, they are just putting it all out there, and it works. It's simple.... the repetitive distorted melody, pounding drums. I remember hearing someone coming across Noise Addict from seeing a flyer for a show where they were playing at a garage sale. I want to believe in these guys, they sound like the real deal, a variation on the garage rock, it's a little more nerdy, more 90's, unpunk.

From Fan Death Records, who are a distro place and release their own favorites....or maybe the other way around after reading this massive washington post article about the label, but it's a domestic place so don't be scared of insane shipping. I wouldn't do that to you.

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