Friday, March 5, 2010

Interview with James from Fort Lowell Records

I Talked to James this past weekend about his brand spanking new label, Fort Lowell new, there is literally nothing to even sell yet, just a massive plan to unleash at least 3 singles onto the scene this year, from local Tuscon, AZ bands, on colored vinyl from Young Mothers, ...Music Video? and a split from Wet & Reckless and Tracy Shedd, all of which I play samples of throughout the interview, except his wife Tracy...who I'll have to get to in part 2, next Friday.

I checked out his blog and he is passionate as hell for vinyl, all the way back to experiences with indie 90's singles from Sarah, KRS. We emailed back and forth and he was kind enough to get on the phone with me and talk about the fledgling label before they even have a preorder button for their first release. The hype machine starts here.

Download it here. (22mb, 16min).

James says:
The beauty of 7inch Records lies in their economics; they are not expensive to produce and it does not cost the bands a lot of money to record music for a 7inch, thus making the cost for the customer between five to six dollars. I am personally working extremely hard to ensure that our records offer a great value to you. All records will be released on a limited run of 500 Hand Numbered Colored Vinyl, and will also include an MP3 Download for those customers that don't have a Record Player. All of the artwork will be a Two Color Offset Print, printed locally in Tucson, and NOT on a Photocopier!

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