Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crocodiles on Hell Yes! Records

Crocodiles - Neon Jesus (7" on Hell Yes!)

God Damn you Hell Yes!
It's bad enough you only use 1 side of a seven inch! I could go on about how it literally takes nothing for the pressing plant to throw a metal master on the other side and press some grooves into that vinyl! Then you ask me to covert dollars to euros and pay for overseas shipping...oh but you say I don't have to get these singles, no one is twisting my arm. Actually yes you are, no one forced you to press Gary War, The Fresh and Onlys or the Crocodiles! That's definitely your fault.

The only things I've randomly caught from the Crocodiles have been on that Art Fag 4 way or the DiTG 3 way, so I could use a proper EP or at least double sided release from these guys....ok I'll leave it's hard to get over. That doesn't mean I don't have the Gary War one already...I just think, 'Oh there could have been another song there.' I bet Gary wrote more songs, I bet Gary would be happy to lend another one to hell yes.

Oh well, the Crocodiles at times sound like Jesus and Mary Chain, really cheap thin beats, tons of reverb, the sort of massive over the top poseur vocals, they're really overdoing it on tracks like 'Neon Jesus', I think this is some kind of a put on side project..sometimes I'm in on the joke, and I can see the black and white grainy video with sunglasses and leather jackets in the desert, sometimes I wonder if they know it's 2010. 'Refuse Angels' from the DiTG single was out of place, they feel like an indie movie band based from the early 90's. Of course I'm into the myspace track, 'I wanna Kill' with it's weirdo phasered guitar, the vocals seem more melodic and not so spoken word affected tough guy...the jury's still out on these guys for me, it might be too poppy at times but they keep popping up in good company and I'll give them a chance.

After all that I'm still saying get it from Hell Yes...and did I mention there's a Fresh and Only's one sided in the store too? Of course there is. You wouldn't want the post office to just lose one single would you?

Repress of their 1st 7" that came out in 2008 on Zoo Music in only 500 copies.
300 on green wax, white silkscreened cover on thick paper in a resealable polypropylene bag.
Chuck Rowell's face on the cover.

Did I mention how much I hate those resealable bags? Like I have time to be pulling things stuck apart and ripping the side out, I just want to play a record. I'm ADD enough as it is to be getting this glue crap stuck to the sleeve under it, Die resealable bags...I hate you!
I'm all worked up.


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I TOTALLY agree about the 1 sided deal and the resealable bags! errrrr

  2. japanther9:50 AM

    Yeah same here. I hate them so much. I'm a little offput by the expense of importing as it is, so the 1 sided track thing just keeps me away. Thanks for the heads up, because I really liked their track on that Art Fag split. I am jealous that you actually found that thing at a show (if i recall correctly). Personally, I had to scour the internet for a download.

  3. It's funny that they want to piss everyone's punk rock to not even care about the second side man! Fuck it. Home taping is killing the music industry! Oh wait...
    I did luck out, that single was at a Dum Dum Girls show...Art Fag actually contacted me after my post about it, hopefully I get to review some of their new ones soon.

  4. japanther1:17 PM

    Yeah I see your point, but punk rockers don't have money (only us sell out faker punks).

    They shouldn't mind that I only pirate this music on one side of a CD-R.

    Looking forward to more from Art Fag. As of late, I've been getting more into buying directly from the small labels themselves. I haven't really checked into Art Fag's site, and I'm itching to place another order.

  5. I know what you mean...I'm against it, but then again rock and roll is all about they won this round.
    Re: Art Fag, me too, I missed that Best Coast single, and ever since I've been paying close attention to those guys.
    I've always been into supporting the tiny labels out there, I know their not in it for the cash or even fame...they're the most unappreciated link...the band will move on, the singles get flipped on ebay, and the tiny label ends up paying usps more in shipping every year. It's a thankless job, I hope they know 7inches appreciates all their work...and singles.