Monday, April 26, 2010

The Sundelles - Dead Youth

The Sundelles are amazing live, they got me one time opening for the Soft Pack at Union pool for a 1928 showcase, even back then, they had amazing energy of all stripped own garage dirty sound. Guitar, drums, bass, that's all you ever need, bands like this prove that over and over. Even the crap-fi's not perfected, it's not an integral pedal or process they've painstakingly worked out. It just sounds as immediate as the day they layed it down. Sam Sundos felt like what it might have been like to see Frank Black back in the day, possessed by his own off kilter completely unique style. Letting loose, so about the live performance, without any sort of pretense. He doesn't look the part, the sleeve pic is more like it, he's a Monday Night Football dad from '84. Let's go see Star Wars, I have to mow the lawn. That is an old ass Coke can, I'm half thinking they photoshopped his head on an old washed out polaroid now that I look at it. It's that maybe continued search for nostalgia...if something is good, it's going to stay good if it's created in the spirit of catchy rock and roll. As solid and punchy of a garage sound as anyone.

I picked this up at Academy this weekend and 'Dirty Youth' is a perfect A-Side, it captures their live energy and sound perfectly. Tons of fuzz texture, jangly guitar over big room pounding beats, the whole thing almost starts to just get ahead of itself. Just sloppy enough to keep it honest. I love these guys.

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