Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The World's Lousy with Ideas Vol 6

I just found out about the World's Lousy with ideas guys through their massive Vol. 8 full length LP which was jammed packed with exclusive tracks from Vivian Girls, Blank Dogs, Tyvek, Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees, Times New Viking, The Intelligence...basically's ridiculous how many people are on that I didn't even mention.
But it's Volume 8? That's right, turns out they've been doing this for a while and all the previous volumes are equally as impressive and way ahead of the curve. Where's their subscription series? My finger is hovering over the paypal button now.

Curating doesn't really do justice to the massive undertaking going on behind the scenes here, ...contacting all these people and relating them together in this package...they are contemporaries after all, informed by each other...I think if you could ask for just one shipment on a desert island (of course I already have a record player and my singles) it might be Almost Ready's entire catalog and you'd be pretty up to date.
Normally I don't even pay attention to compilations, but these force a second look. Normally I want to spend time with one artist if I'm sitting down to listen to something, there's always that one track I'm not into that's going to throw the whole thing off. But then again Almost Ready is making that point, I should be open to anyone paired with the artists they're putting together.
But to take the kind of a compilation to a 7"? Genius.
This one, Vol. 6 with Eat Skull, Little Claw and Psychedelic Horseshit is a second pressing I think...isn't available direct from Almost Ready but I tracked it down at SS distro who says:

The World is Lousy with Ideas V6 7"
(Almost Ready) $5.50
Little Claw goes weird, distant pop. Eat Skull strum one in from some distant lo-fi galaxy. And The Psychedelic Horseshit stumble out of the bushes after a night of weird sex and alcohol, at least that's what sounds like is going on here. Drug references are always lame, but, man: Drugs.

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  1. japanther11:54 AM

    mmmmmmmmm drugs.

    Cool single, I'd order it in a bundle with other stuff. Not stoked enough to get it by itself. Good lookin out finding it on S-S. I'm doing 2 mega orders this week, and maybe 2 baby orders. I haven't bought from S-S in a while so I bet I can whip up a decent order.