Thursday, May 20, 2010

Atole on Community Library Records

I was reminded of Community Library last night and their Units rerelease (on white vinyl even...) which amazingly are still available direct. But even better than reissuing this band I'm just getting into is the fact they're really trying to keep it in print for whoever wants it. Sure they're doing the white version for people who can't wait, and want to feel I guess me, and then a black vinyl version that will just be pressed forever. That's great, I mean I get that years later a record that no one paid attention to is sought after and valuable. That makes sense to me, but a purple swirl nirvana seven inch on sub pop? Why is that $20? But then who am I to judge, that's really fucked up...we're both on the funny farm let's face it. Anyway get what you want...what do I care...I'm just glad that if I wanted this on vinyl I don't have to track down some auction copy. Hopefully they're doing more of this in the future and in this vein of legendary awesomeness.
In the meantime they have this single from Atole, who are based in Portland (the best city), and sound nothing like what anyone would expect Portland to be. Hyper electronics with Captain Beefheart out of tune vocals. It's cheap sounding robot polka waltz with bizarre vocals, and I'm not even talking about the content at all, I don't think that's possible to even decipher...I mean they're really going for a very focused insanity with this one. I do appreciate an electronic project that goes a little Devo in how out there they're willing to go vocally. It's going to take some getting used to for the average listener.
Some of the tracks from their myspace are pure instrumental dance, the same sounding kind of house/whatever stuff to me, but maybe these are remixes? The A-Side track on Local Cut is a different story all together...just anti-singing vocals. Was he even listening to the playback? Or was he singing to a click track....they must have tried that. Ok, it's in tune, just slightly off and cracking, and loud...the point is, it's nothing close to the usual dance, Dan Deacon, LCD, Girltalk sweat party...they won't have an easy segue if they open for the usual DJ a good way.

Really the best part is those bad ass heiroglyphics on the even more than that is the pop up art inside...I don't know how it works exactly, but that is a first.

Points also for a band you can easily google.

Get it from Community Library (it's a .net? These guys are serious.)

Portland’s hometown heroes Atole join Community Library with their 7” single debut, “Strike Zone.” This single is a perfect slice of Atole’s intense and wonderful contradiction: tightly wound uptempo synth punk subverted by founder Manny Reyes’ spazzified bilingual exclamations. The band has been having tremendous momentum as Portland sound/scene/dance makers, and this single is a perfect snapshot of their live intensity and future direction. This release comes in anticipation of a full length album on fellow traveler label Audio Dregs. We’ve seen Atole evolve through many formats and costumes and collaborators to the definitive ‘band’ lineup on this 7”. Reyes’ life partner Tim Ferrell plays on synths and laptop, Marius Libman (aka Copy) playing bass guitar, and the inspirational energy of Mike Conroy on drums.

Side A: "Strike Zone"
Side B: "Dirty Bird"

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  1. Hey this is Manny (vocals for Atole) this is a sweet review, thanks for the words.

    The debut album will sound much like "Strike Zone" our websites have older stuff (cuz of labels, recording taking forever etc), one day we'll come to NYC and play for you nice like.

    Thanks again, Love- Manny.