Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eric copeland on Post Present Medium Records

Wow where did the time go? I'm thinking about the holiday weekend almost every's eating into my 7" time. Here's a single from a really consistently interesting member of Black Dice who have created some truly memorable electronic glitchy collage albums. I don't know if like Quentin Tarrantino he looks cliche because he's been assimilated so completely into visual culture, and in Black Dice's case audio, that they seem average. You had to be there I guess....but give them a listen these days, they've continued to work in extremes and creating really interesting sounds apart from a boring laptop scene, live they keep the performance aspect of summoning these surreal sounds....and they change, let's not forget, you could just hit play on the sequencer and stand there.
I forget sometimes about that huge connection between Black Dice and the Animal Collective guys, and then there's even that direct collaboration with Avery, Terrestrial Tones. When I sit down to think about this period of time and Brooklyn in music, with the woodsist bands/label, captured tracks, paw tracks/animal collective, I mean I get a little excited to have been here and seen little pieces of it, to live down the street from the address on the record, to see these guys at random empty basements...I'm not saying your city isn't awesome either, I'm just appreciating for a second.
Anyway Eric is a great artist on top of this sound insanity and there's a cool poster in this, that's already more than enough reason but guess what, Gun Outfit has a full length out too....remember how you had your eye on that Best Coast single?
Well it's gone.
Lesson learned.

Post Present Medium says:

Eric Copeland is an experimental musician based in New York. He is a core
member of Black Dice and forms half of the duo Terrestrial Tones with Animal Collective’s Avey Tare. This is a 7” of two epic EC solo tracks.The A Side “Doo Doo Run” is a great twisted and mutilated dub like jaunt through the murk. It keeps you moving along in any pace you seem to choose. The B Side “Fundinkdeath” is an almost garage rock gone through the tubes, some would say a pop.

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