Monday, May 24, 2010

japantherninasonik on Wantage records

The latest single from Japanther on Wantage Records teams them up on a one sided picture disc with ninjasonik who are also from my fair borough Brooklyn. Japanther has been doing splits like this with all kinds of fellow Brooklyn bands...I'm thinking of their juiceboxxx single from a while back. You'd think that this kind of pop punk would be weird paired with a gungy underground hip hop, but I think it's about sharing the same attitude about music. They play the same trashy spaces, even opening for each other. They don't have some kind of chip on their shoulder about a genre. I think they want to bring it all together and nightly expose their fans to artists doing the same thing. And it goes both ways...I looked up juiceboxxx and now Ninjasonik because of these guys. I'm assuming Ninjasonik's track on this one is 'Internet bitch', like Japanther they aren't taking themselves too seriously either...I got a myspace/I got a gmail/I got the facebook /You're on the internet bitch. It's dancy, all beats, a little old school weirdo electronic, dark, but their making their own scene. 'Negative thinking tight pants' could easily be a Japanther song, fast minimal drum machine and organ backing, all about the chorus hook...stop hating on tight pants. It's all coming from the same place and having crossover fans that can appreciate the DIY underground from any genre.

Wantage also has some Japanther full length color LP's I don't think I've seen anywhere else. It's crazy that logo on the 7" is made up of both of their names...and then in the description they talk about making it in the basement? That's what I want to know about....can you get picture discs printed with the two sides and you melt them together with an image in the middle? This is a new world.

japantherninasonik s/t 7” (wantage) - Friend-bands Japanther (Screamers/Misfits/Beach Boys worship) and Ninjasonik (self-described punk/club/crunk) decided at some point early in 2009 to record a couple songs together. The results are presented here. And how. We're extra proud of this thing because A) it's a hand-screened gem we did right here in the ol' Wantage cellar with some Plastijet ink, too little ventilation, and B) it features an absolutely cool piece of text-graphic from Japanther bro Kevin Bouton-Scott. It's a translucent, label-less 7" with a hand-screened, limited and numbered print on each copy. This was a hard-fought 7", and After a friggin' heapin' helping of bullshit with the pressing plant, we've got these things, finally. Japanther need no introduction around these parts, and Ninjasonik have been busily making a name for themselves in the u.g. hip-hop/punk rock realm like few others. This record deals topically with the ease with which the internet is used primarily as a tool for shit-talking, and Pop Rocks candy.
Limited to 550 numbered, hand-printed copies and 550 clear blue copies in covers (released once the hand-printed copies sell out.

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