Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bare Wires single on South Paw Records

I have been pining over a Review of the Bare Wires 'Artificial Clouds' for probably a month. I try to take my time and examine all aspects of the release, to really give it it's due. I love this thing. So I planned an expose: what other projects each member was in, live shows, especially Matt's solo stuff, in a sprawling Lester Bangs knock off review and then I smack myself and say 'That asshole was getting paid by the word!', who has time for this mess? Make your point!
Ok, so here it is.

Maybe with ADD, singles will be the full length albums of the future?

If that's true then look at this fucking number one hit! From the Bare Wires! That bad ass above isn't your dad, it's Matthew Melton, and that's the cover of his single! His solo album sleeve is even more bad ass, parked on the side of the freeway, the back window busted out and he looks half fucked up/half pissed, and he sits around like the next Jay Reatard penning punk pop hit after hit. I cannot get enough.

Get this and Matt's solo LP on colored vinyl. (Are there some left? Don't worry about it!...you're lucky to even hear this. Don't put your dicks to the bricks.)

Bare Wires are freaking fantastic. All I want to hear is anything Matt writes. It's genius.

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