Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Chickens on Siltbreeze Records

Barely even heard these guys, didn't get my hands on that 10", so I headed over to the myspace, the track from the Skulls comp is pretty catchy and insane, the guitar tone is completely weird. In general, they're really pushing the limits of the echo. There's a knob that needs to go to 11. Don't know the FNU Ronnies, but the drum machine is a nice frantic metronome addition I'm sure. It keeps this whole mess moving at top speed. Organ chords, static, stutters of vocals, half's the kind of thing that would drive you insane if you weren't the one blasting it already on the stereo. It's a little like that track 'I'm in jail dad!' from Was (not was) ??? They did that? What? The track from Pump up the Volume? I respect them????

Anyone in the hall within earshot is thinking, 'How the fuck is this music?' because you take something this far off the radar and throw a few layers of sheet rock between your ears and this and it's going to seem like you're the one that needs to be institutionalized.

This single is perfect for young adults who want to piss off parents or nearing middle age adults who think they still got it...and better yet have no one to answer to. Oh yea! Your music is shit! Go call the cops! It's fighting music.

If you're going to live under my roof then you'll listen to the Chickens!

I don't care if Idol is on!
"Debut vinyl outing from Kyle & Mike (2/3rds FNU Ronnies + drum machine) following a cassette on Fan Death as well as a track contrib on last years Skulls Without Borders 10" comp. Cant say for certain where Chickens mine the toxic ore to forge their urk, but they uncannily tap into similar staub once snuffed by prime Euro movers such as early Dieter Meier & Geisterfahrer not to mention channeling the nascent vibe of Amphetamine Reptile (think Halo Of Of Flies Insecticide Stomp in particular). 4 tracks, 1 time edition of 400, no repress." - Roland Woode, Professional writer
I can't say I'm sure there are even any left of these...Siltbreeze followers are a rabid bunch, (myself included, but I'm late telling you guys....on purpose?) and it's been almost 2 weeks now (what a dick!), but you can try at: Paypal - sltrx (at)

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