Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trash Humpers 7" Soundtrack on Drag City

I saw that Drag City was releasing this single from the Trash Humpers, which would have been a great name of a band, and who I searched for online for a while before realizing, 'Yes this single actually the soundtrack from that movie 'Trash Humpers' by Harmony Korine.' I'm a genius.
Couldn't find samples of this anywhere, he's got a myspace and collaborates with one of the guys from Gang Gang Dance as some side project, but there's no audio up at all.
This guy is a piece of work, you hate him or...probably just think he's ok, and of course he's fine with that. He tries to be controversial, or probably he can't help but be his druggo/weirdo self...but parts of it seem like kind of an act.
I buy that he makes movies that are for better or worse completely his own, that you are in for a specific experience as a viewer, maybe a little frustrating at times but it's a fuck hell of a lot better than the A-Team. Who needs a linear narrative story?

I think he's maybe fucking with interviewers when he said:
"I was staying in the Shibuya District. I had really gotten into eating a special kind of blowfish. I think at some point I had a reaction to the blowfish. I was staying in the hotel room for days on end. I was smoking this kind of amphetamine that was getting me excited about life. I was hanging out with these transvestite karaoke performers. We would just stay inside the hotel. I would take pictures off of these monitors that I had. At that point in my life, I had read all of these books on Pentecostal preachers and people who were building up tolerances to strychnine. I guess in that state, I had thought that I should start building up a tolerance to Clorox bleach."

The track listing is very important as it's the only thing providing some clues as to where this is going:
Trash Torch Song Lullaby 1:21
Rumble :22
Night Time 1:16
Three Little Devils :50
Chitshit :49
Kitchen Strangulation 2:07
You Girls Juss Suck Large Fat Penis 5:06
Sweet Night :51
Sleep My Darlin 2:11

Handmade (and hand-filthed!) sleeves! Original soundtrack to the Major Motion Picture.
Limited copies signed (vandalized?) by director Harmony Korine.

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