Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4-way split Vol. 2 on Kraak Records

Kraak is back at it again on the one year anniversary of their philly elite split with another awesome 4-way with Geordie (sp?) getting you into the mood.
It's amazing to see this government sponsored music festival organization also getting into the 7" game. Seriously, the US needs some government funding for the arts again where people don't examine too closely all the fucked up things they are funding. Maybe there could be an intermediate organization that would get funded and then they would distro the money off the books.
I'm sure there are people in Belgium who think 'Why am I paying a 65% tax to fund a 4 -way split with Ducktails?' Then that crotchety old guy who just had a free heart transplant a few months ago and just woke up from his afternoon nap in the middle of his 10 weeks paid vacation says to himself...'Oh well, those fringes of society need some kind of outlet or they'd be over here throwing dead animals into my pool.'
And he's right, not only would that keep a lot of weirdos in line but everyone on some kind of unemployment insurance could go work for these agencies... then again if Captured Tracks and Woodsist and NNF can exist without that hassle then good for them. I just think how many more could be out there.
Does America just count on the creative numbers game? With so many possibilities happening within both coasts, if it's funded or not we're going to have 10 kraaks hopefully, so there's no reason to fund this stuff. It's going to happen without anyone's help.

Well Kraak has a pretty good model over there, throwing huge festivals with great bands who just happened to end up on that 4 way Philly split...which then spawned their latest 4 way split that includes Ducktails, that's what caught my immediate attention and then I had to check out his side-mate Peaking Lights, based on the myspace stuff it's lots of layered subtle samples. Those hazy loops just wandering all over the place all the way over to a harsh electronic rhumba beat. It's sort of a soundtrack to a 70's horror movie, or long lost electronica speaker testing discs. The dawn of computer music compilations. Alien Radio is pretty self explanatory, lots of glitchy, slow tempo ultra manipulated electronics...sort of Tron on ludes. Kohn, (on Kraak's myspace) keeps with the whole slightly foreign sounding electronics. These aren't state of the art components or recording techniques...they all are a little unearthed and weathered. Appreciating those sounds...and they deserve another chance...at the time they were too new, it was all a novelty...now that no one gives a shit they can be taken seriously by these composers.

P. S.
I was thinking the other day, did Matt of Ducktails decide on that name because it would be a pretty good indication of the bands success? If they ever receive a cease and desist letter then they've gotten big enough. I mean the project is named after a Disney cartoon! He's asking for it! You google Ducktails, and this project comes up!
I'm waiting until he's forced to change his name and the Ducktails ebay stock goes through the roof.

Get it direct from Kraak, or the usual ungovernment funded distros near you.

Kohn/Peaking Lights/Alien Radio/Ducktails - Lune Atroce / Soleil Amer (4 way split 7" on Kraak)

One year after the ‘Meet the Philly elite’ 7” we finally release a fresh 4-way split. This time Köhn and Alien Radio are trancing deep into the history of synthesizer classics while Peaking Lights and Ducktails have a take on their own pop music.

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