Friday, July 23, 2010

Cloud Nothings on Old Flame Records

Cloud Nothings is this guy, Dylan Baldi, and I've been seeing his single popping up with some great reviews, so I thought I'd add to the mess...mostly because I just ordered it from Old Flame Records who happen to be based on Henry Street! How many labels are in Brooklyn?....not to brag, but jesus...I'm going to make some kind of tagged map thing for the sidebar with all of them all mapped out. Just because I think it would be ridiculous.

The thing I like right away with Cloud Nothings is the underlying pop structure. It's like Pink Reason was when I first randomly got a single from was in that fuzzy punk family of grungy production, but it seemed to be always trying to still come up with a catchy riff and chorus in the end. That's why I think I still appreciate Wavves. Maybe it took that kind of haze to distill down a pop song out of his head. Haven't heard the new one maybe that static was just out of a lack of confidence and now he's been built up and torn down so it's back to the basics...we'll see.

'Didn't you' the A-Side is a frantically peppy combination of high pitch twee synth and just a hint of distortion guitar. This one is sounding like So Cow, that kind of unabashed glee in creating and performing another catchy three minutes. There's the oooo's and repeated god damn happy cheap synth melody. It's all captured with that shine, sure there's a lot of layers, and it's a one man project but he's been keeping it squeaky clean.

'Even if it worked out' continues to straddle that line between some kind of punk, and pop indie feel. It's catchy and dark, with those pause breaks where everything drops out for a fraction of the chorus. It's the B-Side? This one is killer..especially when he starts going balls out at the end...'I'm sorry we can't be friends'. I like Cloud Nothings to be a little pissed or I start to suspect they're smiling themselves into a twee coma...and they'll end up like Kimya Dawson, the terrible last gasp, endgame for twee.

But really check out 'Turning on' ...tell me that's going to be a single...damn it has this great weirdo staccato jangly off rhythm's a perfect melody he must have known it immediately.

Of the 300 there might be one left, if you jump on it.

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