Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Fresh and Onlys on Agitated Records

The Fresh and Onlys are back at it again, reminds me of the old days of the avalanche of Blank Dogs singles. Every label wants a piece of the F&O's for their tiny slabs of vinyl. These songs are growers for me. I wasn't a fan right away of the 'August in my Mind' 12", but now I think what an idiot, those tracks would come up on random and I'd check the playlist and damn if they weren't from that one every time.
The A-Side, 'Impending Doom' is getting me right away, their kind of catchy cold folk is spot on again, metronome tambourine, it even gets a little jammed out at the end...distortion flying, after the pop part of the song is over...this is perfect for putting down on a single. Tim Cohen is freaking prolific...and I guess if you keep coming up with tracks like this and someone is willing to put them out, then it's a no brainer. There can't be enough exposure for these guys as far as I can tell. The worlds not sick of the Fresh & Onlys.
This just means I'd love to hear the B-side.

I think you'll have to get this import directly from Fusetron, who says:

*Artist: FRESH & ONLYS
Title: Impending Doom
Format: 7"
Label: Agitated
Country: UK
Price: $9.00
"Another total winner from the Agitated stable, and two blasts of wild pop from San Franciscos finest purveyors of said genre THE FRESH & ONLYS. "Impending Doom" is the bands their first UK release, and ties in with UK shows, ATP etc. Both tracks highlight the bands abilities in creating pop music thats skewed yet perfect and both songs are also exclusive to this release." -Agitated
Here's the track from Agitated:

The Fresh & Onlys - Impending Doom by Forte Distro

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