Monday, July 19, 2010

Mirah on Mississippi Records

I'll always remember that Mirah single I randomly ordered from K Recs. I wasn't really epecting anything, I didn't know her at other than random mentions in articles as a reference to something I liked. The A-Side 'Cold Water' didn't sound like anything else I was interested in at the time. Huge orchestration, and she has a great voice that borders on both some kind of innocent twee sound and classically trained belting it out.
Cold Water is great...I then went through C'mon Miracle, but don't remember it having that kind of impression on me. I just kept going back to that single to hear what it was I liked about it, and not having any other sort of info about her I just made up what other albums were going to sound like.
Looks like she has a full length coming out on K Recs soon and this single is maybe kicking that whole thing off. She is Portland and it makes perfect sense Mississippi Records would be putting this one out...two originals from Mirah, and it looks like she's getting into the '60s' girl group sound along with Frankie and countless others, starting with this motorcycle sleeve. I'd be interested to hear her take on a couple of Sha Na Na's covers...anything from that period. Couldn't find these on her myspace, so this Mississippi single is probably it...100 copies.
Get it from K recs themselves or Midheaven

MIRAH - Don't / The Tears That Fall - Mississippi - MR 071 - 7" - $ 6.45
***MIRAH (K Records) has graciously blessed the Mississippi label with a beautiful 45. This piece of wax contains two original Mirah songs, celebrating the classic girl group era of the '60's. Loosely following this format, and with the accompaniment of some individualistic musicians, something unique was born. Backing musicians from EVOLUTIONARY JASS BAND, PINK WIDOWER and GOLDEN BEARS. Recorded at The Pool Recording Studio in Portland, OR with ALEX YUSIMOV. Co-produced by TARA JANE ONEIL and CHRISTOPHER DOULGERIS (Hooliganship, Mirah). Old-Style Full Color Tip-On Sleeve.


  1. Hi Jason, K recs site informs about 100 copies, not 1000. :)

  2. Ha, don't know where I got that from... But then again maybe just krecs has 100 copies themselves?

  3. ye, probably... it would be such a small release for a name like Mirah, I think... :)