Thursday, August 12, 2010

Christmas on Highfives and Handshakes Records

This one is from Highfives and Handshakes records, the A-Side starts out with 'Pies'. I don't think I ever noticed the kind of super surf feel they have at times, it's stripped down garage, but the guitar carries this high surf melody and Emily really is unleashed to any kind of obvious structures. She really goes out there on her own a lot of the time, it's impressive, she's really confident and it's completely her own. Just in sheer dynamics she's got everything from a Diamanda Galas terrifying scream to a sort of early Bjork sugarcubes wavery personal language. It's not as obtrusive or front and center as either of them, there's plenty of echo and live room sound to keep it grounded with the band, it just can't help but stand out.
The B-Side El Colorado is in a 60's psyche-out place...sort of a hint of Janis...and maybe some Dirty Beaches environmental scene setting kind of sound. It could just be this particular echo, but it sounds pretty much rooted in that era for me. It's a sound that combines a sort of blues and jam out time of the late 60's. It's unexpected.

This one, the Metal 7", you can order from Highfives +Handshakes direct and they'll send it when it hits the shelves on the 27th.

The second single they have out is a clear handcut flexi from an edition of 57 as part of a gallery show they had locally here at the Rare Gallery. Art and seven inches, that's practically too perfect
The A-Side of this one, has more of their surf inspired melodies and with major reverb on Emily's vocal track. She's wailing on this one, getting a little haunted house, there's some pain in her vocal this time, as she draws out the lyrics into howls. But it's not so experimental that it's impossible to enjoy, she's just an impossible to ignore force blowing in your town.
'Punch in' gets more minimal, and the guitar juts in, jarring little bursts of that echo, this time getting all Sediment Club for the B-Side, throwing out the melody for an experimental deconstruction. This combination of surf, new wave, and Emily's, Shannon and the Clams classic delivery and just plain powerful voice is going to keep Christmas interesting for holidays yet to come.

Both still available from Highfives+Handshakes.

I heard they are headed towards Brooklyn after 8/27 including:

9/9 - SHEA STADIUM w/Total Slacker - BK, NY
9/10 - UNION POOL w/ Darlings, Mermiads - BK, NY

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