Friday, August 27, 2010

Dimples on Mexican Summer

I remember my friend Travis buying an album from Dimples at the salvation army, based mostly on the sleeve, which was a suave African American gentleman in a yellow suit with dimples... and someone was pointing at them. It was the most ridiculous thing we'd ever seen. Was it a concept album? A kids record? You can't possibly take this guy seriously. I don't think I ever listened to it, but you had to buy it. 10 years later Richard 'Dimples' Fields is back! On Mexican Summer!

Dimples latest incarnation is a huge departure from early Dimples R&B, this sounds like a terrible LSD freakout in the desert, ' Wounded Lion fronted by a drunk Jim Belushi, (is there any other kind?) or Make Up's Ian Svenonius. This guy has some god dam personality, the vocals are such a fantastic mess, it's one thing to have a psyche-influenced jam rock sound, but he would sound great over anything. He can pull of this laid back, almost lounge Motorhead sound...I just want to hear more. It's bluesy, even Silver Jews, full of messed up soul. They're taking the falling apart so seriously.
The lyrics are out of control...he's got to be the complete package to pull off this narrative on 'Professional Violence'...there's saxophones, kazoo''s classic sleaze rock. I'm so impressed they didn't add any effects on the vocals, but they know they don't need a god dam thing.

Then they went as far as to take back the Dimples name for christ sake...this makes perfect sense. They'll make you a believer.

Dimples presents a marrow-deep comprehension of rock’s most striking moves, strips them of their parts and leaves them up on blocks, as a warning. “I Can Feel You” chugs and chings through a nervy, slicked-down run through West Coast punk delinquency; “Heaven Blotted Regions” throws out the band and leaves Parme alone with a guitar and a drum machine, ripping out the sort of sleazy, Leisure Suit Larry-esque, yet highly personal ballad that sticks to the wall with effortless attitude. Two great goddamn songs.

From Mexican Summer....are they psychic?

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