Monday, August 23, 2010

Forest Swords on No Pain in Pop

I went on a bit of a Ducktails / Panda Bear kick this weekend. Off in the woods, you gravitate towards a calm soundtrack to not shatter the nature...but I've never heard Ducktails sound so sinister. In the city it reflects that kind of chaos of noise, it fits in, the mindset...but in the middle of silence, the sounds are so alien, so unnatural....I never thought of them that way before. That album turned on me. I had to turn it off...too creepy.
That's where Forest Swords is going for me this even uses that same reverb, twang guitar that Matt does, but adds those chorus-y panda bear style vocals, a tiny bit here and there. It tends to sound more dream-primitive then the kind of joy Person Pitch has inherently running throughout. The slower tempo of 'Rattling Cage' steers it into that modern psyche area, and in general it's just eerie. Working around Pocahaunted or Robedoor's sensibilities, with just a little more structure.

And it's import only from our friends across the pond at No Pain in Pop...harass the usual suspects...fusetron, etc.

After an acclaimed EP on Olde English Spelling Bee, Liverpool's Forest Swords returns with a strictly limited debut 7" on No Pain In Pop. Managing to mix Burial's sample strewn claustrophobia with a twisted r'n'b swing and organic swamp grooves, this is two tracks of perfectly executed skeletal pop.

Order includes 2 extra Forest Swords 320kps mp3s emailed upon dispatch.

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