Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Memoryhouse on Inflated Records

I came across this single after an email from WFMU that mentioned Inflated Records and their Ducktails live appearance on WFMU 12" vinyl. Turns out they released one other record and it's this one from Memoryhouse, a second pressing on blue vinyl no less, so I had to check out these guys who were in good company.
It seems that Memoryhouse is a duo collaboration between Denise and Evan who also take alot of polaroids, and release huge scope art books with LP accompaniment. They're the kind of collaboration that straddles a lot of mediums, all of them dreamlike and fleeting. Polaroids are a great tangible representation of this track 'Lately (Deuxième)'. The samples can't be placed, the delay is applied to warbling source instrumentals, and Denise's vocals are a layered chorus in the style of The Spinanes or Lush. I'm surprised there is an edit of this track that will actually fit on a seven inch. They're in no hurry to find a hook, or make it to the next chorus. It would go on a sleepy Sunday mix next to Deerhunter, Chairlift and A Sunny Day in Glasgow.
Now that I'm hearing it, there's practically no percussion and then...OH SHIT, it's like the Softies...of course! That echo on the vocals, the delivery is even the same....so is this twee? Not really, I guess it's chillwave? I don't know what the fuck that is.
It's mellow, they keep it brief, and she's got a great voice. It's too bad it's going to be easy fodder for remixes like the B-Side. There's nothing worse to me than taking these laid back sunset jams and slapping on a rave beat, or cutting up the lyrics, add some block rocking beats to the gentle airness of the originals. Oh well.

A. Lately (Deuxième)
B. Lately (Teengirl Fantasy Natural Mix)

Get it from Inflated Records....you want the Ducktails thing anyway...it's related.

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