Friday, August 6, 2010

Night Beats on Trouble in Mind Records

Trouble in Mind is back again with more bands they want you to get to know through a little how-ya-doin' known as the seven inch vinyl. This latest is from The Night Beats. How these guys manage to squeeze 4 tracks of massive drawn out psyche this EP is a feat in itself. I appreciate that they've probably made the choice to compact these jams a little to get more of a sampling of their sound on the 7". A lot of them sound like the psyche-jam is just getting started when they had to fade it, or they're going for that straight garage punch in the form of a brief echoed screaming nightmare solo.
As I'm going through these latest batch of singles and throwing them on here and there, I had to get to this one next...all the tracks start out with that mellow laid back vibe and then blow up into insane solo's...completely ridiculous. The highest notes, echoed with sustain, are the high points, taking it from drone psyche to practically metal. When it starts to fade out you think 'why are 7"'s only 4 1/2 minutes? Couldn't they have made them 8"? What the hell.'
All I keep waiting for on H-Bomb is the freakout electric ending...there's a ton of echo and it's right on that line of garage and psyche. Shadows in the Night sounds like it's getting a little more current stylistically, it's taken the vocal sound to a sort of early goth place...a sinister Bauhaus huge room sound. Like those haunted house cassettes...I can't tell if it's the type of echo that's making this nostalgic or the arrangement.
'They came in through the window' is so authentic sounding and the solo here at the end is even more amazing then the H-Bomb one...this is a little scary sounding, just a little Cramps, that leather jacket biker's almost too perfect.

I'm no psych expert, I barely know of a few bands, 13th floor elevators...the usual, so I'm sure people could mine these references exactly, but it's safe to say this single would get along nicely in a set with the Dirty Beaches and Sic Alps.

They are playing tonight somewhere in NY called Seance Houseparty....maybe that's exactly what it is? Or some new weirdo warehouse space. Might take some work to find them, unless you're into seances.


  1. Anonymous2:52 AM

    this shits amazing

  2. I think you meant to call the venue Santos Party House. It's one of the small venues around NYC that lets bands like this get stage time in front of music nuts like myself who are into this type of awesome music. Small stages, simple places, loud great music played right in front of your face. So good.

  3. Terri,
    I swear it was actually a different venue, I remember trying to track that down...or they were being was a while ago now. But Santos Party House is great....perfect size.