Monday, September 20, 2010

The Falklands 'Stephanie' on Clamour Records

Got this single in the other day from the Falklands out of Edmonton, Alberta.
For such a downer cover sleeve, a solitary figure caught in the rain, walking down an alley, the '80s power chords caught me off guard.
This A-Side, 'Stephanie' could easily fit into the rock ballad sound of Boston or of those classic rock chorus driven power house tracks with serious crunch and melody...and being about a girls name doesn't hurt (see Angie, Melissa, Joanna). But they go poppier than the dead serious sincerity of those 70's ballad supergroups, injecting some of the catch and showmanship of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists or the Thermals.
It's a clean cut, ultra produced sound that continues with "Jeez Louise" and this track has a sort of an English fell, maybe a punched up Orange Juice, with a reggae sounding guitar riff and straight ahead layered vocals.... they get saxophone points as well.
The Falklands are two timing the girls on either side against each other.... I think. They are bound to be jealous. It's a good thing they're separated.

Get it from the band direct: thefalklands [at] gmail [dot] com
Side A: Stephanie
Side B: Jeez Louise

Released: September 2009

Although recorded in April, before Spring Break!, this 7" was released sometime in September 2009 after our first Western Canada tour. Recorded by Doug Organ at Edmontone Studios, Stephanie b/w Jeez Louise (also referred to as a S/T 7") charted in on CJSF. Hot wax! Mike Garth of The Operators fame added some saxophone on the B-Side.

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