Friday, September 3, 2010

G. Green on Malt Duck Records

Oh Christ tell me that baby is sleeping!

GGreen is back with his second single, this time it looks like a band has formed, and it's taken a turn from the home recorded inside the brain space of G. and has spread to 3 other members and I think his material definitely benefits. It's one thing to come up with something in the middle of the night, delirious and fuzzy. I appreciate that specific vision, I want to hear it, but it's another thing entirely to make this leap and put together a group of people to add their take on things and even play live. Like Mess Folk, just gets better. You have to stand there night after night and belt this out, the vocals aren't quite as's more desperate and I like it.

It's even like German Measles or Home Blitz, sort of punk, quirky, nerdy, raw...the song is the most important thing...there's enough rehearsal that they don't come off like the Germs or something...don't kill the audience. You're kidding yourself if you think it's'll be original if you don't try. Does this guy even know he's good?

'Looks' is the only track up on the myspace, and jesus it could be a lost Nodzzz track, I can hear the x-ray glasses. I just like a mess like this, it isn't too garage, or even lo-fi...just playing catchy tracks with fucking feeling.

Take a listen to a live version of Mouth on the Floor, it's a totally different feel than the Out of Order single. The crowd is really screaming at the end, it sounds like a dungeon nightmare...kind of a weird idea.

Keep putting these 7" out. It's shaping up to be the start of something good.


G.Green 7-inch 'I Will Not Withdraw This Statement' now available on Malt Duck.

Come on now.... how do you not like this guy after checking out his recording session?

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