Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Gold on Heartbreak Beat Records

Little Gold, another band from Brooklyn I've never come across before, but then again, that's never surprising...I think it would literally be impossible to even claim to have even heard of all the bands in Brooklyn that have even been around 2 or more years.
Little Gold is a little like their name, unassuming and shiny...this is a sort of nostalgic Brooklyn, the broken down warehouses of Greenpoint's waterfront, the creaking of an old storefront sign. It's a sort of country alt-loneliness that can come from being surrounded by so many people. Little Gold is drawing on that long tradition of modern country, which is based more in mood than NASCAR and cowboy hats. Like Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver they start with a standard instrumentation of electric guitar and drums but instead pick up the pace into almost pop areas. It's no surprise Christian was in Woods, this shares a similar sensibility...a classic rock sound focused on pure melody.

"Totally Fucked!" the A-Side is probably referring to indiscretions in a motor home, but delivered at pop speed with backup harmonies, the tragedy becomes something to sing along to. A xylophone melody takes it almost over the top working against the idea of being totally fucked, it really doesn't seem so bad. The B-Side, "Chainsaw" is equally ominous turned back on itself into pop rock about cutting off his arm, and other self mutilation. It's definitely a contradiction, turning what could be easily oppressive sentiments into practically fun...until you start paying attention again.

Appropriately on clear gold vinyl from Heartbreak Beat Records.

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