Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Slow Animal - theFUNsun on Jaxart records

Just heard about this duo of New Jersey, Slow Animal...NJ seems to be on everyone's radar thanks to Ducktails and Real Estate's dreamy suburban melodies, and Slow Animal sounds like they're channeling that melancholy into fuzzy reverb drenched pop. The spaz side of the shore. Just the two of them create a massive hyper sunny sound. Imagine the FIRST Wavves album (King of the Beach is terrible) with two hazy vocalists, it's the same effortless energy, completely catchy melodies that deserve repeat with lots of harmonized whaaaooo's. Even add some No Age huge dynamics, slow it down for a second and then crash in again. It's going to be a bouncy sweaty live show.

The A-Side, the FUNsun, is a perfect example of the vocal back and forth, proving the bass guitar will not be missed. When did that start? It makes the most sense I could count the number of bass/drums bands on one hand, but this distorted reverb and drums sound is becoming the standard. Instead of that solid melody, you go for a sound that completely overtakes you with treble, and let's face it, you can always work out some sort of bassline with the guitar. It keeps the direction tight, no need to mess with extra members adding to the already perfect sound.
Is it the beach? It's also that '50s, Del Shannon, or Shangri La's pop wall of sound, combined with the debut energy of pleasing yourself and everyone else in the process.
They both have to be ON to perform this, like Matt and Kim there's an infectious energy, it's an all or nothing sound....and it's not even their best!, (why Sitting Here wasn't an A-Side sheesh), maybe that's just me...that guitar rhythm and the tambourine snare hits with both vocals flying harmonies all over the's the more minimal attack and when it finally blows it makes it that much better.

This tiny pressing of their first single with an exclusive B-Side will definitely be gone soon.

The first 7 inch from New Jersey's Slow Animal.

Only 250 total. THAT'S IT! Once they're gone, they're gone! Includes exclusive b-side "Saturday Mourning"

Check out their video for theFUNsun, where they enjoy all kinds of abuse from the off camera crew, and get this one from Jaxart records.

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