Monday, October 25, 2010

Soccer Mom at Rosebud Diner, Boston

I happened to catch Soccer Mom this weekend at Rosebud Diner, no that's not a new venue in Williamsburg, I happened to be in Boston over the weekend and randomly ended up finding out they were playing not far from my friend Matt's house. It's actually behind the diner itself, there's some kind of giant wrap around bar with pool tables, booths and carpeting.
I'm more than just into their single, and that goes especially after seeing them live. Mostly it was the volume, I haven't been so deafened since deciding at Boris that I really needed to remember to bring earplugs everywhere. Just keep them in my bag. Did I bring them to see Soccer Mom? No. Did I regret it? ears did though, but it's been a while since I gave in to a massive wall of sound. Things are going to ring for a bit the next day, and serve as yet another reminder I want to still be able to hear someday, but once in a while it's worth it to hear everything in earsplitting detail. Both Dan and William have an insane control over the swirling pedal fog that's continuously in the red. They aren't ever going for that loud/quiet/loud, it's one peak level of sound live, the textures change, but the volume stays the same. Dan grinds the neck pointed straight into the stage in front of his amp and the feedback barely rises above Williams already dense layering of distortions.
It's the direction I wanted all of this to go from the single. I liked the references on the vinyl, I just didn't want it to sound to structured, too rehearsed, if that makes any sense. The deep, serious vocals on Bill Cosby in Glamorous Chains reminded me of I Love you but I've Chosen Darkness
But after the first minute of being completely overwhelmed, I just looked at Matt and we were both glad we made the's doesn't go in a constrained pop direction, you can hear they want to bring the noise, it just happens that they also play along together near perfectly so the changes all work with Danielle's minimal melodies makes High on Dad even better in front of you....and that they would put a near instrumental that goes from catchy melodic to devastating on the B-Side...

Great, great show, Soccer Mom has tons of amazing material and hopefully there's another single in the works, but I'd be happy with just more of anything from these guys.

Pick up their first single at their new website or check out both tracks. Hopefully they start posting some new demo's or something over there. I'm kicking myself I didn't at least try to record their set.

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  1. Thanks so much Jason - it was great to meet you at the show!