Thursday, October 7, 2010

Univox "Lying Fuck" on Roir Records

This came in the other day from Roir Records...haven't heard of Univox out of Philly before and the name has something to do with including a chorus of vocals from all band members, which I'm hearing in "Pi". Or they're admirably trying to take the focus off of any kind of lead singer.
It also has to be a little tongue in cheek, the blown out fuzzbox chorus of lead guitars, Haggar inspired rock scream vocals, and booming drums. There's definitely a pop leaning edge combined with some kind of southern anthemic brawl sound. Maybe it's just that sleeve photo...there's going to be a barbecue on the porch tonight, and someone's going to get hurt.

The next track "I'm a lying fuck" is a low tempo acoustic number? Josh has a baritone crooner Peter Murphy serious voice that can jump back to yelling at the drop of a hat. They like to work these contradictions, in content and sound.... Or, like I said they're into messing with the listener. With a countdown, it finally it breaks out into "Pi" territory, and the rest of the band is singing along, waving guitar necks all over the place.

The B-Side "Cannonball" is not a cover of the Breeders....and I'm confused who is usually lead vocals, was that Josh on the A-Side? But I guess that's half the point. This back and forth baritone and soprano vocals is a nice harmony over the kick and bass breakdown...they have an energy that comes through in every track, and as much as they're swapping influences, they're going after whatever era they're in with everything they've got.

This one is on Roir Records who have been around almost as long as I've been some respect.

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