Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peaking Lights/ Wet Hair split on Bored Fortress Year 4

"Blessed" from Wet Hair is Shawn Reed from Racoo-oo-oon and Ryan Garbes. They're using a lot of raw electronic sounds, recorded straight into a mixer, there aren't a lot of additional effects all over this. The drums are separated and slightly staggered between the left and right channels and If they are programmed they're doing a great job of keeping the triggers sounding live, someone back there actually was hitting the pads.
This main sludgy dance groove though…….it just sounds stuck in this monotonous melody. The little improvised variances aren't enough to drag it past the almost drone of this foundation melody. It's a little maddening…this is at 33 so goes for a nearly seven minutes. It makes sense as continuation in the thread that Racoo-oo-oon started, take that drawn out improv psyche and layer it over the demo hip hop rhythm, but it's so peppy and repetitive I get a little crazy.
The vocals could be from another song entirely, it doesn't really follow any of the layers of melody and I hear almost an autotune or harmonizer effect while it unnaturally jumps around the octaves. It's a little like the Butthole Surfers and 13th Floor elevators collaborated for NNF.

Peaking lights takes the neo-psyche repetition to a more dense place with "Birds of Paradise" by layering hundreds of mono/underwater forgotten world music samples. (Is that a racist term? There was some some message board discussion about that I read recently…but is that just because of people's stereotypes in that genre?)
Everything has that sort of Dub haze which would easily work alongside something like Ducktails which is my standard for this layered dream tropicalia….
They keep this perfect minimal bass heavy sample going forever with echo buried funk and reggae guitar and overmodulated reverb kick drum, but the vocals are in their own post Pylon or Young Marble Giants world entirely. It's really effortless, and I don't mind the drawn out 7 minutes here…but it's just one of those personal things….conceptually they're going to the same place…I just happen to like Peaking Lights.
There's a pretty mysterious two word super slowed down sample at the end of this track I can't decipher…even at 78.
The inner 7" label is the info in awesomely bad tech fonts…NNF really has a way with the most unsettling graphic design.

NNF has made all the singles available recently…go cherry pick them you bastards.

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