Monday, December 13, 2010

Interview podcast with Boston's Soccer Mom

I talked with William Scales and Dan Parlin of Soccer Mom a few weeks back after catching a show of theirs in Boston.
Their "Bill Cosby in Glamorous Chains" single has really grown on me and I wanted to find out the mysterious history of Soccer Mom, some of the gear they were using for that massive, overwhelming sound and of course why they chose the lowly 7" single for their first release.
On the way to that very show in fact, my friend Matt and I hatched a plan to see if they would be a part of an art show we'll be putting on January 21st at Kayafas Gallery:

What Are We Doing? is on view January 21 through February 20, 2011 at Gallery Kayafas. Works on view include a selection of 10 photographs and 14 videos from the series of intervention projects called 14 Actions For 14th Street commissioned by Art In Odd Places in 2009. Also on view are The Bridge {refrain} created for The Work Office project at the DUMBO Arts Festival, which features a set of custom 7" albums recorded on site, and Would Sol LeWitt Approve? -- a musical performance of LeWitt's rules for Conceptual Art. There will be screenings of the short film What Are We Saying? during the run of the exhibition.
Gallery Kayafas is located at 420 Harrison Ave in Boston
Soccer Mom, among others, will be making an appearance and reinterpreting, Would Sol LeWitt Approve?... bringing both of my favorite things in the world together.
A recording of that performance will probably make it's way onto a 7" in the was only a matter of time...

Download the interview here. (MP3 29min)

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