Friday, January 14, 2011

Bass Drum of Death on play pinball records

I talked to John Barrett in the middle of his last tour last summer, just after his single came out on Fat Possum Records.
I don't know how I came across his latest on Play Pinball Records, but I wanted to make sure no one missed out on Bass Drum Of Deaths's punk-pop garage jams and then I found out also a full length will be coming soon from Inflated Records in about a month or so.
I happen to have heard said full length in fact and it's been really helping my rock out long walks through the unshoveled sidewalks to the train.

Bass Drum of Death has really honed this fuzzy as hell, dirty sound into a super loud layers of bluesy string bending. John keeps it deceptively simple, and let's face it, this attitude demands everything from the rhythm, not the melody. You should be able to play 2 or 3 notes and kick the ass out of a song...there's no doubt John is capable of exactly that on the track "Get Found" on this single. I love that these drums are super overblown in the mix, but it's not unlistenably stays pretty clean, and just barley contained. Like Ty Segall, the sheer level of sound both of these guys are able to coax out of a track is seriously impressive. I'm definitely picking this up and looking forward to getting a full length and it living on the shelf right next to Ty, Cheap Time, and Jay.
All balls.

Get it from Play Pinball Records, who don't have many copies left. You will regret definitely regret it.

The second single from Oxford Mississippi's "Bass Drum Of Death" and it is a monster. Three of our favorite tracks of the year are on it. "Get Found" could start a revolution. Righteous punk/garage rockers with a slight stoner vibe with members of The Unwed Teenage Mothers, Flight and The Sleepwalkers. Pressed by Baby Don't Records in Nashville, TN.

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