Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Footvillage - Lovers with Iraquis on How to Fight Records

I'll never forget the Foot Village show I randomly saw at Death By Audio a while back, another case of not really knowing who they were, I was there to see someone else and then when the multiple drums started getting set up, I couldn't believe I was actually going to hear a band of at least 5 kits.
Michael Azerrad just posted about the Tom Tom rock movement and Foot Village seems like the endgame before that even picks up steam. It completely different of course, but I don't remember any cymbals or hi-hats even. It was a bunch of snares and toms. I don't even know if they toured with instruments or they just borrowed the 3 bands playing that night's kits? Kind of genius. It doesn't get any more primal and cathartic. They're continuing where the Liars and even These are Powers left off. Creating a terrifying track out of the best parts, the crazy rhythm structures, the abrupt stops, the's really amazing to witness live.
When you think about the usual performance of 3 or 4 people playing staring at their feet, and then this fucking force of a crowd within the audience pounding and yelling in unison? It's pretty amazing, and this single will only capture a tiny piece of that experience. But then you can use those temporary tattoo's and play along.

Deathbomb Arc also just announced this pretty great show this Saturday to kick off the single....and it's even all ages. I'm old and don't even think about that stuff anymore...or I just assume that isn't even possible in NYC, but I'm glad someone is doing it. God knows my friends and I could have used a supervised place to not cause too much trouble. I would have been psyched that someone older was actually thinking of us and going out of their way to make something cool like that happen...and Foot Village would have completely blown my under 18 year old mind.

In a world centered around shopping, even though it is tearing society apart, the most important thing to remember is that life should be about having fun and sharing love with all those around you. But let's not talk politics all day. The irony is that such talk isn't fun. Let's take action by singing and dancing together. Even if but for a moment.

7" comes with temporary tattoos, and a download code including 3 remixes by Bobb Bruno (member of Best Coast), U.S.F., and Yip-Yip

This Saturday, Jan 29, is the Foot Village record release party for the new "Lovers With Iraqis" 7" on How To Fight. It is FREE, and of course all ages. Going down at 9star Skate Shop. They got a bunch of ramps, so feel free to bring a board. There will also be a mini-ramp competition! Foot Village, IE, and clipping. will play. Much thanks to Origami Vinyl and KXLU for presenting the show!

Get it at the show or DBA or from the source How To Fight Records. Which is a little funny seeings how they want everyone to share love
with everyone, but they teach fighting records.
I am the opposite.
I love records.

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