Friday, January 21, 2011

HLH Show at Gallery Kayafas....Look mom, I made a single!

Just wanted to take a second out of 7Inches everyday to mention the Harvey Loves Harvey show at gallery Kayafas in Boston.
HLH is the art collaboration of my friend Matt and I.
We're showing a bunch of work based on music related actions like listening to Sonny Rollins' album The Bridge, on the Williamsburg Bridge, reenacting the London Calling album cover at the Trader Joes's where the Palladium used to a live performance by Soccer Mom, who have graciously come up with entirely new material based off a piece we did for the Sol Lewitt show at Mass MoCa. We haven't even heard it yet, it will probably only ever exist performed at our show...unless we press more singles some day

I'm glad I finally had an excuse to cut a real 7", thanks to single piece slate, they came out great, they did black and clear, which I've never seen, and they are thicker than the normal lathe's I have. We pressed a couple of 7" of the field recordings listening to Sonny and our original "Would Sol Lewitt approve?" with all art, they are priceless....well you can buy them.... through the gallery.

It actual got me to get serious about releasing a real single that people can actually buy through 7inches the be forewarned, the label is starting soon. The first release is going to be be awesome and is still a surprise, but I'll let you be the judge of that.



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    Just so you know, I'm having a great time in the office right now.