Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catwalk on captured tracks

Captured Tracks are already up to their second single by Catwalk, out of Oxnard, CA. I thought I still have one of his singles from Yay! at least two years ago, turns out it's the same guy and he's still crafting catchy pop, giant reverb on the vocals, swirly shoegaze wall of guitars.

One by words is driven by this deep bassline groove and the hi hat, with huge guitars way off in the background. When you can tame that chaos into pop like this, there's nothing better. The massive echo can at times remind me of that nostalgic '60s garage sound and then they take it just to the point of indie rock '90s underground pop.

Home is exclusive to the B-Side. I keep coming back to that Beach Fossils full length because it's perfect beginning to end, really consistent and so weirdly simple sounding, the guitar, just odd enough percussion...I could go on. Catwalk is a super pop evolved Beach Fossils sound, the same deceptive simple melodies and great songwriting that will get you through the rest of the terrible winter snowdays. Two hits, this B-Side will be missed.

Thank god for facebook, you can listen to it over there. I really hope their are kids out there tonight starting bands and putting the tracks on facebook, or bandcamp...or mediafire for god sake, Oh Yay I booked us a show! Really? Where? The Titanic!
Can't wait.

Catwalk's 4th 7" (2nd on C/T) is the beautiful "One By Words." Washed in echoed guitar and propelled by a pulsating bassline, "One By Words" is an instant classic. "Home" is another winner and will be exclusive to this 7". Look for the debut Catwalk LP later this year as well as a short tour with Pains of Being Pure At Heart on the West Coast.

Get it from Captured Tracks, who hopefully will be instrumental in bringing these guys to the East Coast soon.

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