Friday, February 25, 2011

Cerebral Ballzy on Moshi Moshi

First of all the Cerebral Ballzy tweets are fucking hilarious, I remember one of them was something about going to look up the lady sex offenders wherever they were playing so they could get lucky.
I don't know how one engineers in the studio this Suicidal Tendencies historic sound - - you probably don't sit around and think about it too much. They stay authentic to the music, they make me believe, like Japanther, that they're going to be playing this kind of sk8 punk hardcore forever, and you'll question why it stopped in the first place. They have nothing on their agenda, they're alright playing shows their own way.
Look at popular music from the time of H-Street videos, Bones Brigade, Gleaming the anyone still listening to that shit? No! But do you still throw on the Gorilla Biscuits or 7 seconds once in a while? Of course you do.
I think what I love about Cerebral Ballzy, even more than their name, or their grip tape single is that there was no need for any of this...there wasn't a huge market demand for this sk8 punk nostalgia to come back...there aren't a million copycat bands out there, or managers putting bands together for a couple of remember-when bucks.
I've built them up too much probably, after all they wouldn't be who I think they are if they were conscious of any of this stuff. Keep skating and playing music, it doesn't get any better than this. Unpretentious fun, in the tradition of the greats before them.

I mean take this song, "Insufficient Fare", it's what the turnstyle lcd says when your card runs perfect. They're NY, and watching that black and white video jumping the turnstyle and dicking around the city makes me feel young again.

B-Side "Don't tell me what to do." Nuff said.

This is an interesting choice for Moshi-Moshi and I respect both of them a little more for working together on this one.

They play March 31st at the Cake Shop. I will be there with a ballzy crest sewn on my messenger bag.

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