Friday, February 11, 2011

Dana Jewell on Underwater Peoples

Underwater peoples has been steadily putting out great singles since the Real Estate releases from way back when, and then the Ducktails full lengths and I've been into the Big Troubles 7"'s , so when I saw this single from Dana Jewell I had to go check him out.

Dana had a track included on UP's compilation, and the only thing I could find was this one track on avissart's blog, "Come on Baby". It's a dense track with a mess of instrumentation, his layers of vocals rising, repeating 'way-oh' with lots of echo, a sort of hypnotic sunny psyche, something like Panda Bear, or folky Ducktails. A real homemade sound and broken out of the bedroom thanks to layers of vocals, handclaps, cowbell, the sound of a song evolving on it's own, once this groove starts it completely takes over, and Dana's along for the ride in the middle of a mellow party happening out in the backyard. A tropical party, with those hawaiian hats Alex Bleeker wears. Maybe an umbrella in a drink.

Chocolate Bobka has some video of Dana at the Market Hotel just him fingerpicking on an electric about his family, and it's an entirely different sound, the confessional singer songwriter, who isn't putting on a persona. He's got some songs he'd like you to hear. Not sure then what's going to end up on this EP, but with that solid songwriting foundation and skill combined with the homemade layers of psyche, it's going to be a good one.
Dana Jewell - Wants 7" (UPS008)
A1: Wants
A2: Girls
B1: Girls Pt. 2
B2: My T-Train Girl
Dana Jewell Wants 7": Wants is a collection of songs written and performed by one of our most introspective and romantic of friends. Dana's love of beautiful women and deep thought shines through on each hand wrought track. His vinyl solo-debut is guaranteed to get you feelin'. Dana is also the proud father of Wild Animal Kingdom Records.
Preorder it from Underwater Peoples Records.

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