Friday, March 4, 2011

Blanch Blanche Blanche on Feedling Tube Records

Oh man, the video for this track is perfect, as weird as the music it's describing, a mess of static and overdubbing for the minimal glitchy keyboard, with half a know I remember getting all excited about Crystal Castles when that demo thing leaked, and just sounded as raw and fucked up as some of the sounds here. Too bad. I think I get excited about that Units sound, using this set of instruments in the spirit of how they were made, not to imitate a sound, but as an entirely new set of tools. The Units got as close as anyone to delivering on that promise of punk without the guitars, and I think the latest resurgence of Zola Jesus, Blank Dogs...even Soft Moon, are working in that ideology. The beginnings of a band like this are always the most exciting. The rules aren't defined yet, everything is being tested as they work it out. At least that's what I like to think.
The video is exactly how I wanted this sound to be, it's no tech, dirty...I wonder if I like this because it brings the human part back into the electronics when the cables aren't grounded, the knob is broken and nothing works right....that makes sense to me. I can relate to the terrible plague that is technology.
Damn you blog!

And these guys are from Brattleboro? Damn I love that town. L:ike Charlie Sheen says about partying, 'What's not to love?' They have at least 3 vinyl record stores for a population of 12,000, my kind of place, Blanche Blanche Blanche should just set up in the middle of that gazebo in the center of town and rock these jams.

If you can't go check them out at one of the numerous awesome Feeding Tube Records live instore performances (holy crap... sore eros!, Wet Hair! Sediment Club!) then at least pick up this single.

Feeding Tube says:

BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE "Talk Out Loud b/w Water To Wine"
45pm Single in an Edition of 500

We are beyond excited to finally have the first single by Blanche Blanche Blanche in our grubby little mitts, and you will be too! Two warped pop hits by the most perfectly matched couple in Brattleboro VT: Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips. This warrants repeated back to back flipping on your turntable. As a keyboard and vocal duo they create a complete sound-picture, but they've also got a great live band called Easy Street. Hey, their heads fly around and stuff!!!! They've got a tape and an LP coming out on Night People later this year (yeah!) and their video for this single was featured on Pitchfork (ick!). Scroll down and read the interview with Sarah, the singer, in French Vogue (?) $5 plus shipping

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    You want a perfect video? Try Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome.