Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hussle Club - Loose Tights on Mishka NYC Records

From the sleeve credits, Hussle Club is Prince Terrence. Bass, drums, vocals....all done by the Prince. And you might think, Prince? who does this guy think he is? But, he can pull this off, just based on the heavy, super produced sound on both sides, let alone his bad ass attitude in this video just walking around the city. What can I say? - I'm buying it, he's got the talent and style to make something that feels authentic.

'Loose Tights', on the A-Side has some big electronics that slowly creep in, Terrence has amazing control over these technical sounds, building the instrumentation layer by layer. The synth percussion's and basslines are produced huge on the electronic dance side, with roots back to OMD, Camouflage, or Celebrate the Nun, not so much in instrumentation, but style. This really gets into the middle of the ring with some heavy alt-dance hitters, part MGMT dance, with a darker side, like the old school depresso's, Robert Smith and Budgie. Record labels have to be shitting themselves that a talent like this basically can probably have more success without them altogether. He's definitely got his sound nailed already. Vocally he's a serious Peter Murphy, the deep sinister delivery.
But it's hard to relate to this, like my friend once said about watching Connor Oberst live, there's this genius over there playing on stage and you just don't feel like you can even get near it. It's going to feel distanced just because of his god damn overwhelming talent. We aren't going to be friends, he's a superstar already, since he was born. Just plain different.

So many serious warnings on the sleeve, 'Adults Only' ...I would expect that on a Sex Worker single but not this produced electronic pop with a dark slant. Instantly it's a seedier side of dance, underground. I haven't heard anyone exactly working like this in a while. To have put this together singlehandedly is an achievement and the choice of the Cult cover, to reexamine this era, is uncharted.

Hussle Club - She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult) by Мишка Bloglin

The Cult cover of Sanctuary on the B-Side is the second single from Mishka NYC that's pulled out a cover on the B-Side and I end up appreciating this song again. The guitar riff is the star second only to Terrence's perfect homage delivery. Is some of this stuff is overlooked? There's untapped value in that era when 'alternative' groups had that support and label resources to create their best work.
It's what B-Sides were meant for, a surprising departure from the main direction of the band while nodding to the roots. The idea that music as a whole is going to keep feeding on itself long into the screaming synth solo and Terrence's cover about the world dragging you down.
The Prince kicks it up in the updated chorus, giving it a new energy vocally. He manages to more than pull off that tough baritone sound. The Hussle Club infuses the classic track with a pretty hefty synth bassline and twice the beats. Another reason to hear this as it was intended on sweet vinyl is otherwise you'll just never get this bass delivery in any other format. The nuances of the spitting low waves when the sound reaches the bottom and it starts fading and breaking apart... sputtering and popping cones. If the Cult would have ever issued a DJ 12", this would have been the mix. The original song is forever changed and that's the best kind of cover.

Get it from Mishkanyc Records. You have two choices, the regular old black vinyl, or clear white swirl with a shirt.

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