Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Record Store Day 2011- Releases

Once again, record store day is coming, 3 weeks away on April 16th your local record store should have some new stuff. Just a quick note today to say the giant PDF list was just released of what's going to be out there, broken down by national releases and then regional exclusives and records that are part of Record Store day but may be released later also?
It's not a huge year for the singles, there's that Mastodon/ZZ Top split of course I have to hear, maybe a Wavves single? Probably won't make it this far northeast, and I've been meaning to check out Wild Flag.
I think the full lengths actually win this year with Tomboy, a Sonic Youth 12" exclusive for the day, another Ty Segall release, a Television live LP and Mississippi John Hurt re-release.

Anyway, I'll take any excuse to buy things because otherwise I'll never be able to hear them.

Go get the PDF and check it our for yourself.

Lower Dens "Deer Knives" b/w "Tangiers"
Mastodon/ZZ Top Just Got Paid
SonicYouth Whore's Moaning
The Dodos "So Cold"
Wild Flag "Future Crimes" b/w "Glass Tambourine"
CSC Funk Band A Troll's Soiree
Deerhunter Memory Boy
Segall, Ty Ty Rex
Panda Bear Tomboy
Wavves Thorns / TV Luv Song


  1. Stuff missing: Built to Spill picture disk, Xiu Xiu/Deerhoof split, Superchunk/Coliseum split with both bands covering Misfits sounds pretty cool, OFF! live single, some Fucked Up release, and Captured Tracks is doing this great tribute to the Wake sort-of boxset as well. None of this interests you? Oh and do you, or do you not ant the live Television 2LPs?

  2. OK! OK! I missed some....I didn't want to say anything about the Television disc because I was trying to hide it! I want it alright... there I said it, why don't you get in line before me and buy it!

  3. Don't forget about our Howe Gelb - 'Sno Angel + Melted Wires 7inch! The Melted Wires track features members of Giant Sand + Calexico jammin' out together, and is exclusive to our release. The 'Sno Angel track is featured on vinyl for the very first time. ...and not to mention, we are SUPERSTOKED to be an official part of Record Store Day as we celebrate our first year anniversary! It was this time last year that our Young Mothers 7inch was our first release... on Record Store Day, but not an official part of the distributed list.

    You should have received the blue gem in the mail by now.


  4. Hey James,
    Sorry, missed that one....or did I? I don't blog about the things I want! Are you crazy!

    Definitely got it, will be posting before the big weekend....congrads. Better than Christmas.