Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Entrance Band on Black Tent Press

This latest single from Black Tent Press is another amazingly packaged, seriagraph printed sleeve from a band I should have known about by now. The Entrance Band has a full length out on Ecstatic Peace Records and are currently on tour, they seem like they've been around for a while and went for psyche-ing up a couple of classic covers for the day of records.

The A-Side , 'I Want You' is a Troggs cover which they suffocate under an echo depth turned all the way up. A driving bass rhythm carries this into Dead Meadow territory for me. Someone had the balls to comment, 'Why bother covering this, you aren't going to improve on the original', and after thinking, 'Wow, what an old dickhead,' I thought, 'oh, wait maybe he has a point'...after this version, the rest of you bands out there lost a good one, put it in the archives, it's off limits.
This sleeve is just perfect, the kama sutra couple against that burnt sienna gradient, it's kitchy and awesome at the same time while working with the late era toasted psyche sounds of both of these covers. I feel like I'd have to track down the original to get a sense of it, they've changed it so much I don't hear anything's got to overshadow the garage beater original.

The B-Side 'A House is not a Motel' is a Love cover, the most under-appreciated band by music nerds, bands already know and love them, but I don't think they have their rightful place in the influence hierarchy from that time The Entrance Band puts another notch on the bedpost here and hopefully it's going to once and for all tip the scales in their favor. There's a reason why every great underground/indie band keeps coming back to these guys.
The Entrance Band have a perfect amount of a full chorus-y echo on the vocals, with a sort of Doors tough mentality while getting to bring the soft super freak on 13th floor Elevators style. The passion and attention to detail is evident, somewhere they crossed over from emulating or paying homage to scarily becoming one of them. All of interesting psyche like this has those roots in collaborative free jazz, that sense of freedom and improvisation with a determined gritty garage sound.

This one should be available on Record Store day where ever you are going to spend money, or preorder from Black Tent Press who says:

Limited Edition of 500
2 color hand printed serigraph covers
Remastered to vinyl by David Vandervelde


They're coming to Glasslands, April 28th, buy a ticket, tune in, drop out baby.

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