Friday, April 29, 2011

The Whines on Mt St Mtn Records preorder

Got an email about this Whines single coming out on the venerable Mt. St. Mtn. Records, with their typically tiny pressing, and awesome packaging (that image above is not it). They're taking preorders for this one which will ship in a couple of weeks.

To me, Hell to Play was a return to that scrappy, local band sound that didn't have a gimmick of any kind at all. They aren't the loudest, the most lo-fi.... they don't combine weird genres or have a ukulele. Just a group of friends coming up with some great solid songs that you're going to want to put on and listen straight through. I've been steadily listening to this full length since it came out a few months ago...whenever I don't feel like working on another review.
They will play a rocking epic, layered, off the rails psycheout and then they come up with the simplest acoustic stripped down melody. I remember when I first listened to that Blue cover debut Health album and how varied it was, how they would go all over the place one track tot he next. It still had an overall sound, but they were really diverse....maybe it's that willingness to experiment, or that they really go where ever the sound takes them.
There isn't one hint of hype with The Whines, whatever you hear about them is deserved, like Broken Water, it sounds '90s or classic, but to me that's because they take those elements that any band has, the drums, guitar and bass...they care about the songs, there's no image it seems like...but of course that is one....
I could go on and on why I relate to these guys, you don't need convincing.

All I could find was this track, Straybird to check out, sounds like they're going unplugged acoustic, slow tempo on this one, and like Pink Reason they're not going to be that band with that one sound. Solid all around....always and forever.

The Whines - "Shootinhead" b/w "Straybird" 7 inch
45 rpm, limited to 300 copies, mtn-07
Digital print with one-color letterpress, debossed overlay on thick uncoated stock
Illustration by Jay Howell, Design by Mark Kaiser

... Ships in 2-3 weeks, $7 ppd to mtstmtn [at] hotmail [dot] com. Overseas customers get in touch for shipping rates.

Hot on the heels of their awesome debut LP Hell To Play, we've got two exclusive tracks on limited edition wax. The Whines have been on our radar for some time, with Karianne hopping in on drums for Eat Skull for all of ten minutes and their debut 7″ making rounds a year or two ago. Previously backed by alternating members of the aforementioned Portland faves, The Whines have solidified a touring band and are hitting the road in May. They offered us these two reverb soaked noise pop tracks, one new and one alternate recording off the Hell To Play LP. Layers of over-saturated tape hiss, as well as Karianne’s sweet-to-sad-to-sexy vocals, glue this hot little single together. A dreary Portland Sunday with a hangover put to wax just for you.

U.S. tour information here.

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