Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Me You Us Them / Bloody Knives split 7" on Triple Down Records

This came in from the folks at Triple Down Records, which is another label based here in NY I'm just hearing about. Like a broken record...I know...not even funny. This one is a split from two bands, Me You Us Them also out of Brooklyn and Bloody Knives from Austin, Texas who actually took a sample from Me You Us Them's debut album and worked with it on their B-Side track. The whole thing sprang from a drunken night on tour, bets were made against better judgment, promises to press a split....and here it is, that's exactly the way it happened.

Me You Us Them is up first with their track, "Research", as soon as the needle hits the record, a crazy bunch of layers of guitar unleashed in a repeated melody that keeps switching between the dual (at least) distortion. The lead vocals are yelling, even getting metal at times. You're scared to hear exactly what this guy might be saying, in a slightly quieter section I caught 'Do your own / do your own / research.' Clearly there's a lot of technical skill going through these rhythmic changes, maintaining this rapid fire delivery, it must be like watching fireworks; I have no idea how it all happens, the chemistry, and planning, but it's cool to watch.
They are after and get a huge sound, that could be almost Battles in tone. This melody might as well be a synth sound with the harmonics woven together in sync, with that punk punch in the face of At The Drive In.
Guess what else? They're playing Piano's May 29th.

Bloody Knives, have an equally layered, dense sound with a softer (?) more swirly take on their track, "I was talking to your ghost". For all I know this entire background staticy loop is from MYUT, you can't separate this haze in any way. Vocally it's got more in common with Film School, or that postmodern shoegaze, MBV inspired sound. There's even a slightly similar (in feel anyway), riff tying this fast industrial inspired tempo together. They have a lot more aggression, and rock happening in their instrumentation, but the vocals float on top, clearly and fighting against this high tempo swirl. Turns out it's just two guys from Austin with what must be a hell of a lot of gear to create this impressive sound live.

Check out both of these tracks on their soundcloud and get it direct from Me You Us Them's store. Cover art by Sami Jano and Jake McCown hand silk-screened on French paper.

The limited edition vinyl + download release contains one new song from each band. Inspired by their multiple tours together, the bands pay respect to one another while issuing playful challenges -- Bloody Knives with a repurposed sample from a song on Me You Us Them's 2010 debut "Post-Data", and MYUT by focusing their punk ethos and playing harder than ever before.

Both songs were mixed at The Bunker Brooklyn by Aaron Nevezie for cohesiveness and textural consistency.

Your needle will beg for forgiveness. "Do your own do your own do your research..."


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Is anyone from Brooklyn NOT in a band?

  2. Does it count if your band used to be named Kolostomy Fag and now it's not?